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The social committee was formed in 1984, at the instigation of W/Bro Garry Pond, who realized that to have a dedicated committee to organize and run Lodge social events, would take pressure off of the Master, allowing him and his officers to concentrate on Lodge business.

The present committee consists of a Chairman, Treasurer, with secretarial duties being performed by Mrs Pauline Pond, and Lodge officers who are invited to join as they progress through the various offices. The Lodge officers wives are actively encouraged to participate, to put forward ideas which may not be thought of, or considered, by their partners.

Many social events have been undertaken since its formation including, Weekend breaks in London and on the continent, Mini cruises, and trips to Petworth, and of course many Ladies Festivals. It is the hope of the present members that it will continue, to promote social events and freemasonry in general, for many years to come.

Should any Lodge member have any ideas or suggestions for future events then please contact any member of the Social Committee.

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